Top 10 list of things to do if you have a water damage.

1. Stop the water

The first line of business will be to determine where the water is coming from. If it is a burst pipe then shut off the water line to the home or business.

 2. Call your insurance company

If it is a lot of water and has caused significant damage, it may be in your best interest to file a claim.

3. Call Bouchard Cleaning & Restoration

We can be on site quickly to extract excess water, and begin drying out the affected areas. Quick response to water damage is key in preventing additional damage and even mold. Our technicians can check the floors and walls with a moisture meter to test the levels in that area. If a roof leak was the cause of the water intrusion, then we will facilitate a roof tarp until repairs can be made. We will also help you obtain the services of a plumber to help make needed repairs.

4. Do not enter areas where water and electricity may be a concern

Depending on the source of the water damage, water can pour down through ceilings into light fixtures and onto electronics. Do not turn on any electronics, appliances, or ceiling fans. Do not enter rooms where the ceiling is sagging. These can give way at any point.

5. Remove any items of concern out of the way of the water

Paintings, photographs, books, furniture, and other items should be moved from the path of the water to prevent further damage. We are able to save and restore many items as long as they haven’t sustained irreparable damage.

6. Get on a list for service

Sometimes large events occur here in Maine when temperatures dip below zero for several days at a time causing hundreds of homes to have burst pipes. In these scenarios, you may be placed on a list for services. All companies, including plumbers, will have to do this. Be careful of companies that will tell you that they can get there quickly when everyone else is saying otherwise. We tend to take a lot of calls from clients who have waited for a month for a company to come and then end up calling us. Here at Bouchard Cleaning, we will give you an honest timeline of when we will be there to help.

7. Prevent further damage

If you are on a list for service you can do a few things to prevent further damage until help arrives. If it is safe to enter the area, extract excess water on floors with a shop vac. Use fans to help provide air movement in the areas that were wet. If you have a dehumidifier, run that or turn on your heat pump to help rid the air of excess moisture. Wipe surfaces that have water on them to prevent warping. Prop cushions to dry. Remove oil paintings and art to a safe dry spot. Separate wet laundry to prevent bleeding of colors.

8. Remove needed items

If your water damage is significant there may be a large amount of removal required, followed by repairs. This can mean that you may be displaced from your home or at least the affected area for a little while. Remove any medications, safes with important documents, and any other important items that you may want during this time period. Our crew will inventory any items that cannot be salvaged, photograph them, and give this list to the insurance adjuster as well.

9. Have a plan

As the process goes on from water damage to repairs, be thinking of what this means for your family or business while waiting for the repairs to be made. If the damages were significant, then it may be necessary to find another place to sit while the work is being done.

10. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Water damage can be a lot for one person to handle. Even as a restoration company, we ask for help from plumbers, electricians, and so many others to help home and business owners return their spaces back to pre-loss condition.


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Commercial and Residential

Customized services tailored to your needs.