We are proud to serve the central Maine region and beyond. That’s why we host and participate in a number of events that help support a greater community for us all.

In addition we also host an annual customer appreciation event and we are the proud founder of Fire Forward, an initiative to help families who have been affected by fire in their homes. Browse our photos below, follow our Facebook page, and stay up to date with what Bouchard Cleaning & Restoration is doing in the community!


Market Surveys of America…..

Bouchard Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. was voted Best Cleaning & Restoration Company and Best Cleaning Company for 2015 & 2016. We are a family owned business serving Maine communities for over 30 years. This community support means so much to us. Thank you to everyone who voted for us.  

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Time to clean the carpets and furniture!

It was a long winter. Summer is almost here. Now is the time to have your carpets and furniture cleaned after a long winter of dust, dirt and dander. Leather furniture? We have got you covered. Leather needs cleaning and conditioning so it doesn’t crack. Whether it is in your home or business, we can […]

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Disaster clean-up…Why do we do this?

Why do such a hard job? It is simple… or is it? The reality is, it is never simple. These dishes here were some of the only items this family had left from their grandmother. They are more than dishes. They are memories. Every time we are able to restore someones most precious items, we […]

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Spring cleaning…uggh!

 Yuk! Time to clean that refrigerator! Even more importantly, make sure to clean the base, back and underside of your refrigerator. Carefully move the refrigerator out and vacuum all dust and debris that could clog the elements and cause a fire. This will also increase the efficiency of your refrigerator. Next… the oven and your […]

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Rain, Rain… go away!

  With all of this rain it is hard to believe that summer will ever get here. Make sure to keep an eye on water levels around your home. Ground water can flood basements and days of rain can reveal leaks in a roof. The upside? We can help. Our technicians can extract excess water […]

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Out with a bang!

 Furnaces can malfunction.Sometimes it happens with a bang. You wake in the middle of the night to a horrible loud bang and see smoke everywhere. It is a lot like when a car backfires and blows black smoke. This can be extremely scary and requires a lot of clean up. Unfortunately, it can happen slowly […]

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Did you know that in the event of a fire you have approximately only 2 minutes to get out? We grow up learning to stop, drop and roll and to change the batteries in our smoke detectors every spring and fall. Now is the time! Schedule it in your calendar and make a point to […]

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Time to play with your toys!

 Whether it is an RV, sailboat or patio cushions…we have got you covered. We can clean these items on site or at our facility. We want you help you enjoy your summer with a clean, fresh start. We can also help you open that summer home or camp…. creating happy campers for over 30 years. […]

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Not all smoke and mirrors…

Often times after a fire there may be a residual odor. This photo shows our owner; Norman Bouchard testing some of our equipment used to eliminate odor. Smoke from an intense fire is under pressure forcing it deep into cracks, crevices and through porous materials. This application helps to remove odors from these hard to […]

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