Spring cleaning…uggh!

 Yuk! Time to clean that refrigerator! Even more importantly, make sure to clean the base, back and underside of your refrigerator. Carefully move the refrigerator out and vacuum all dust and debris that could clog the elements and cause a fire. This will also increase the efficiency of your refrigerator.

Next… the oven and your toaster oven could use a cleaning too. Make sure to remove all trays and racks to clean. Lay newspaper down under the edge of the stove before you begin to keep any spills off of the floor.

Coffeemaker. Clean all removable parts and run a pot of water with 1 cup vinegar through the coffeemaker to help clean the inner components. Run another pot of water through the machine after to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned.

Your clothes dryer…. thousands of fires happen every year. Make sure to clean the filter every time and check the hoses that vent the dryer for a build up of lint. You may find you need to replace the hose. NEVER vent your dryer hose into the attic. This can cause mold to grow by blowing warm, moist air into an area that should be kept dry.

Heat pumps…. a newer addition to many homes. Make sure to remove the filters and vacuum any dust. Have your unit checked by the heating company that installed it if you have any questions.

Now… sit back and enjoy your nice clean and safe home.