Restoring hope during a pandemic

Restoring hope during a pandemic…

Restoring hope during a pandemic can as simple as checking in with friends and family on a regular basis. Here at Bouchard Cleaning & Restoration D.K.I, we have continued to provide hope by providing much needed care and relief to those who have suffered a disaster such as a fire, water, sewage or mold. We provide peace of mind when providing our cleaning and disinfection services for presumptive, positive and preventative care surrounding COVID-19. We are here for you when you need us most.

Restore your peace of mind with these locations throughout Maine this summer…

  1. Aroostook State Park in Presque Isle Maine. Vast open scenery of mountains, potato fields, fields of flowers and beautiful lakes. Plenty of hiking, fishing and camping areas to be found. Enjoy a game with the kids and see if you can locate all of the planets in the solar system located on the side of the road from Presque Isle to Houlton.
  2. Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine. A destination favorite in Maine. Known for it’s beautiful coastline, campgrounds, shopping and local lobster pounds.
  3. Baxter State Park in Millinocket, Maine is the home of Maine’s tallest mountain. Mount Katahdin is a day long hike with an outstanding view at the top. There are 47 other peaks to hike, all with beautiful views of Maine’s lakes, rivers and countryside.
  4. Rangeley, Maine is home to gorgeous mountains and lakes that take your breathe away. Angel falls and Smalls falls are just a couple of destinations to look for. A fun stop for the family is Doc Grant’s Restaurant sign. The restaurant is no longer there, but the sign remains as the halfway point between the Equator and the North Pole by 3,107 miles.
  5. York, Maine is home to beautiful coastline and some fun destination sites. Located 6 miles off the coast of York is New England’s tallest lighthouse. York is also the home to the Wiggly Bridge, a fun bridge to cross if you want to shake things up a little.  If you are interested in some New England folklore, the York Witch Grave is a spooky destination.
  6. The Desert of Maine. When most people think of Maine, they certainly don’t think desert. Check out the Desert of Maine to learn how this phenomenon came to be here in Maine. There is a campground nearby to make it a family vacation destination.
  7. Quoddy State Park in Lubec, Maine. The easternmost point in the United States with beautiful coastal views will be sure to relax you as you sit and enjoy the sounds of the waves crashing along the cliffs.
  8. Gulf Hagas ” The Grand Canyon of the East”. Located off the Appalachian Trail in Brownville, Maine,is a beautiful day of hiking, swimming and a gorgeous spot for a picnic lunch with friends and family.
  9. Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine is home to beautiful coastal views, lighthouses and the stunning Crescent Beach. Enjoy this vast and beautiful sand beach without the crowds.
  10. Carrabassett Valley, Maine. Whether you like to hike, bike or swim, this area has it all. Mountain views and beautiful little towns to explore.

Restoring fun! How to have fun wearing masks…

  1. If you are looking to purchase masks, many stores sell some new and fun styles. Check out Old Navy, Etsy, Kohls and even Vistaprint for some fun options
  2. Ocean State Job Lot, local hardware stores and pharmacies have boxes of more basic masks for those who just want a quick face covering.
  3. Sewing your own can be fun. Pick out fun prints at your local craft store. Making your own can give you the option to make them smaller for children, larger for men with beards, and just plain fun. Try sewing on a small flower to each corner of the mask for another flare of fashion. Make sure to have enough masks for everyone to have one while the others are in the wash.

Restoring hope for a friend or family member…

  1. Check in often. Everyone handles stress differently and may not express how lonely they are feeling.
  2. Send a care package to brighten someone’s day.
  3. If someone is out of work, bring over a meal or two to lighten the burden.