Out with a bang!

Here is an example of residential smoke damage. Bouchard Cleaning has smoke cleaning services that can bring your home back to original condition. Furnaces can malfunction.Sometimes it happens with a bang. You wake in the middle of the night to a horrible loud bang and see smoke everywhere. It is a lot like when a car backfires and blows black smoke. This can be extremely scary and requires a lot of clean up. Unfortunately, it can happen slowly too. When a furnace is not running properly it can leave smoke residue above all vents and throughout your home… as seen in this photo. This will also require a lot of clean up.

If you see this in your home, do not attempt to clean it. Improper cleaning will only set the stain and cause more damage. Call your insurance agent and they will explain what steps to take.

The good news….. it is easily taken care of when you contact professionals like Bouchard Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. to restore your property. We can get you back into your home and back to your life.

To try to prevent this from happening…. have your furnace cleaned yearly to ensure proper functionality and safety.