Ice, snow and frozen pipes…

Water damage in your home can lead to further damage that includes mold, rot and odor. Avoid complications and call Bouchard Cleaning, available 24 hours a day.


With bitter cold January weather on it’s way, problems can arise from these drastic temperature changes. Ice dams can form and pipes can freeze causing significant damages to your home or business.

Ice Dam

Ice dams occur after a heavy snowfall when warm air in the attic causes the roof to warm and the snow to melt. Water running down the roof refreezes when it reaches the colder roof edge, forming a mound of ice. The water that backs up behind the dam can leak into a home and cause damage to walls, ceilings, insulation, and other areas.

Frozen pipes

Once water in a pipe freezes, pressure is created between the closed faucet and the blockage that can build up to a point that causes the pipe to explode. This can cause extreme damage inside of a home or business depending on how many pipes have been affected.


Sometimes the worst snow damage occurs when the temperature rises. Snow melt can leak through tiny cracks in your foundation, damaging your walls and flooding your basement. This problem can get worse over time, as repeated cycles of melting and refreezing add cracks to your foundation.
The good news? We can help find the source of the issue, extract the excess water from your property and dry it out. We can restore both your property and your spirit.