Water Damage

How do I clean up water damage?

 Can I clean up the water damage myself?

In almost all cases, you will need the help of Certified Restoration Professionals. The water could be contaminated and there may be hidden water behind the walls or under the floor. Our team is trained and qualified to identify and safely extract these water pockets. Many buildings have a natural slope to them over time, which means you may not see where the water has run to. Our trained technicians have meters that can detect moisture inside walls and flooring. Water left behind can feed mold spores that are naturally found in the air and create further issues. Water left behind can also cause odor issues and deteriorate surfaces that will require repairs.

What is the process to clean up water damage? 

To determine if you need help to clean up water damage, simply call our office. We will ask a series of questions to determine what caused the issue, how much damage there is and what we will need to help. When our technicians arrive on site, they will take a series of photos to show current damages to the area. They will look for any hidden water, obtain readings for relative humidity in the affected areas, and extract excess water. Dehumidifiers will be set up to reduce the relative humidity in the room, while air movers will push air to dry things up. Removal of soaked building materials may be necessary as well. We have technicians on staff when removal and restoration services are needed to ensure proper procedures are used to maintain the structural safety of a building.

 How long does it take to clean up water damage? 

This depends on the amount of water. We have van mounted extraction systems that can remove the excess water. Equipment will be set up for maximum drying capabilities. The design of the building, relative humidity, extent of damages and layering of building materials all play a factor in the drying time of an area. These times can range from a day to a week.

 What about my personal items affected by water damage? 

Sometimes water damages can occur on the top floor of a home or business and may run down through a building causing a lot of damage. Our technicians can clean and disinfect personal items on site or at our facility. Belongings that cannot be restored due to extensive damages, will be inventoried for the convenience of the client and for insurance purposes. Once again, photos are taken of items that have sustained damages.