Did you know that in the event of a fire you have approximately only 2 minutes to get out? We grow up learning to stop, drop and roll and to change the batteries in our smoke detectors every spring and fall. Now is the time! Schedule it in your calendar and make a point to do it tonight. That 2 minute warning could mean the difference in your child getting out of their room. That 2 minute warning could mean the difference for school counselors having to help classmates mourn the loss of their friend. That 2 minute warning buys you more TIME. TIME with friends, family and time to enjoy life.

Please take the TIME and replace your smoke detector batteries. Smoke detectors are only good for 10 years, whether they are hard wired or battery operated. To check the date, look at the inside of the smoke detector. If you cannot afford to replace your smoke detectors or are unable to do so physically, contact the American Red Cross and they will schedule a visit to do so. We want to help keep our community safe and hope that by educating people on smoke detectors, that nobody has to lose someone they love in a fire.