Bouchard Cleaning will assess, pack out, clean and deodorize as needed following a fire event in your home.

Fire and Smoke Damage Clean-up

 Can I clean up smoke damage myself?


There are many contributing factors that help us to decide how an item or surface should be cleaned. What burned in the fire will affect the cleaning method used. Certain fires also produce more difficult odors than others. When that Thanksgiving turkey burns (a protein fire), it creates an awful odor that needs extra care to remove.

What is the process to clean up smoke damage?  


After we have thoroughly assessed the damages, we will create a customized recovery plan for your home or business. Some fire damages have water damage and/or fire extinguisher residue left behind.  Different types of smoke damage require different types of treatment and become more complicated when several methods were used to extinguish the fire. Soot is acid based and can begin to deteriorate surfaces if left untreated, so a quick response is our first priority.

 Can I stay in my home during the clean up?


Once our staff has fully assessed the extent of the damage, we will work with you to decide what you are most comfortable with, based on the needed treatment. If the fire damage was minimal, we may be able to clean common areas first for your immediate use. Following a fire there is a mix of particulates and chemicals in the air produced by the incomplete burning of carbon containing materials, so we do not recommend occupancy to those with breathing issues.


Can you clean my personal items after smoke damage?

Our trained technicians will assess your personal items based on the amount of damage received. We are able to clean your soft contents (laundry items), with our Esporta Wash System to disinfect and deodorize each piece. Hard contents are cleaned on site or at our facility depending on the severity of the fire and safety on premises. Items that cannot be restored are inventoried for the client and the insurance company.

If you have more questions about our restoration services, please give us a call at 1-800-479-6676