Fall clean up and back to school

Fall clean up …

  1. Get the storm windows in before the snow flies.
  2. Have your furnace cleaned and test it to make sure it is running smoothly before you need it. Clean ducts ensure good air quality and a well run system.  https://www.bouchardcleaning.com/residential-services/residential-duct-cleaning-services/
  3. Order your wood, pellets and propane for the stoves.
  4. Roll up the hose and disconnect from the home. Empty water fountain displays.  Cover the lawn furniture and empty the gas from lawn mowers.
  5. Clean the air conditioners and cover for winter. If you have a heat pump, clean the filters. If you have had the unit for more than a year, have a technician check the unit while he is there cleaning the furnace.
  6. Make sure to have the chimney cleaned.
  7. Insulate any exposed pipes and insulate anywhere where you feel drafts, especially around doors and windows.
  8. Check your roof for any loose or missing shingles. It is much easier to fix now than when there is a foot of snow.
  9. Make sure the gutters are clean of debris.
  10. Trim back all overhanging tree branches that could break and cause damage when overloaded with snow or ice.
  11. Check your snowblower and generator. Start generator monthly to ensure efficiency. Have snow shovels, rock salt and scrapers ready. Store extra water and pet food in case of power outages.

Don’t want to do a fall cleaning yourself? Do you need a list of items to prepare an emergency kit in case of an ice storm? 

Simply give us a call and we can do the dirty work for you!  1-800-479-6676 

Back to school

Bouchard Cleaning & Restoration Inc. DKI offers condo and apartment cleaning for students moving in or out of off campus housing. We can clean carpets, upholstery and even mattresses to help keep your home away from home looking great. Bouchard Cleaning & Restoration Inc. DKI works with several Colleges in Maine to ensure the health and well being of their students and faculty. Whether there is sewage from an overflowed toilet or you discovered mold growing in your apartment, we can help. Our disinfectants are strong enough to kill Tb, HIV and Aids, yet are safe enough to used around people with suppressed immune systems.Helpful tip: If you have a child entering college soon, you will need to keep in mind their insurance needs as well. If they are living off campus, they will need renters insurance of their own.