Camp…your home away from home.

Did you go to camp this Memorial Day and find that things weren’t quite how you left them? It happens. You were just there in February to get away and everything was fine, but now there is water everywhere. There are many instances that can cause a pipe to burst or fail. The washing machine hose could let go causing water to pour out before anyone notices that there is an issue, such as the case in the photo above. ¬†This type of damage can be devastating. We can help navigate these difficult situations. Our specially trained technicians understand the importance of drying the structure and contents as quick as possible. We understand which items can be salvaged and which ones need to be disposed of. Mold growth can also begin under the right circumstances complicating the restoration process even further. The good news?

We have restored thousands of summer homes and camps that have suffered from water damage and mold. We offer a free assessment and quick response to help get you back into your camp or summer home and back to your summer fun.

Restoring lives… one home at a time.