We are proud to serve the central Maine region and beyond. That’s why we host and participate in a number of events that help support a greater community for us all.

In addition we also host an annual customer appreciation event and we are the proud founder of Fire Forward, an initiative to help families who have been affected by fire in their homes. Browse our photos below, follow our Facebook page, and stay up to date with what Bouchard Cleaning & Restoration is doing in the community!


Thanksgiving safety, tips, recipes and a Black Friday breakfast must!

DID YOU KNOW…. HOW TO DEFROST A TURKEY SAFELY: There are three ways to defrost a turkey safely. The turkey can be thawed in the refrigerator. Allow one day for every 5 pounds of meat. The turkey can be submerged in water if it is in leak proof packaging. Allow 30 minutes for every pound […]

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Duct cleaning services for better indoor air quality

Indoor Air Quality Clean air ducts are the foundation for good indoor air quality. Homeowners and business owners want to breathe clean indoor air for themselves, their guests, employees, and customers. Over several years, air ducts can become contaminated with mold, fungi, and bacteria, as well as dust. Routine HVAC doesn’t remove them. Proper removal […]

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Exciting things are happening at Bouchard Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. D.K.I.!

Press Release August 07, 2018  DKI, North America’s largest disaster restoration contracting organization, announced that Bouchard Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. of Bangor, ME has renewed it’s membership. In order to renew, Bouchard has to continually meet DKI’s membership requirements of providing proper licenses, insurance minimums, certifications, background checks, and other DKI qualifications. This partnership allows […]

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Bouchard Cleaning & Restoration celebrates Christmas and New Years 2018

A recipe for your Christmas morning breakfast…. TEXAS FRENCH TOAST BAKE Serves: 8-10 INGREDIENTS ½ cup melted butter (1 stick) 1 cup packed light brown sugar 1 entire loaf Texas Toast 4 large eggs 1½ cup whole milk 1 TB vanilla extract 2 TB light brown sugar, mixed with 2 tsp cinnamon Powdered sugar for sprinkling […]

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Halloween safety tips from Bouchard Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. D.K.I.

Bouchard Cleaning & Restoration Inc, D.K.I. wants everyone to enjoy their Halloween and be safe while they are trick or treating. There are about 41 million potential trick-or-treaters between the ages of 5 and 14, according to the latest U.S. Census data. A scary statistic is that twice as many kids are hit by a car […]

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Autumn in Maine…as beautiful as ever.

Here is a list of fun things to do to enjoy the beautiful crisp fall air with family and friends…   Enjoy a bonfire with all the tree limbs you picked up from around the yard. What a good excuse to have friends over for some fun! Go apple picking. Make sure to enjoy some […]

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